Our Values

  • Customer Service
    We provide services responsive to customer needs and preferences. Attention to feedback from our customers and incorporation of that feedback into our planning and programs helps to ensure quality customer service​
  • Consumer Choice
    We recognize and honor the rights, responsibilities and preferences of the consumer and family member in the development of individualized service plans. We strive to support consumers in identifying services to maximize their potential for independence and improved quality of life.
  • Participatory Decision Making
    We encourage participation of all stakeholders including consumers, family members, advocates, staff and other community interests in agency decision-making. We understand the importance of incorporating diverse perspectives in our efforts to meet community needs.
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
    We encourage Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) as an overall agency philosophy that emphasizes innovation and critical analysis of current performance. Desired outcomes are compared with current reality, and the resulting gap offers opportunities for CQI initiatives based upon data analysis.
  • Systems Thinking
    We promote agency planning and decision-making based upon a system-wide consideration of programs or policies. We also ensure that our services are aligned with the outcomes identified by the Virginia Beach Quality Services System Strategic Plan with particular focus upon Safe Community and Family and Youth Opportunity strategic goals.
  • Public Awareness
    We work to increase public awareness and knowledge of the issues, needs and expectations surrounding our consumers in order to enhance community support of disabled persons.
  • Interagency Cooperation
    We focus our resources upon those programs and services not provided by other organizations in our community. We work in partnership with other agencies and organizations when appropriate.
  • Integrity
    We promote professional and ethical behavior on the part of staff that serves a vulnerable population. We strive to assure that we comply with all appropriate state and federal rules, regulations and codes.
  • Community Based Services
    We believe all consumers should be afforded the opportunity to live successfully in the community and participate fully in the benefits ​offered to Virginia Beach residents.​