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  • Child Support Enforcement

    Child Support Enforcement, which is managed through the Virginia Department of Social Services, aims to promote strong, self-reliant families by delivering child support services, as provided by law through the location of non-custodial parents, establishment of paternity and orders for support, enforcement of orders, collection of child and medical support, review and adjustment, and distribution of child support.

  • Virginia Child Support Enforcement

    ​​​It is required by law that all employers send the name and social security number of every newly hired employee to the Virginia Department of Social Child Support Enforcement Services - Child Support Enforcement. When Child Support Enforcement receives that information, they check to see who has outstanding child support payments. If you do, your paycheck will automatically have a withholding.

    A withholding is not the only method of collecting. To pay off your past due payments, Child Support Enforcement has the power to:

    • ​Suspend your Virginia driver’s license
    • Intercept income tax refund
    • Attach liens to our personal property
    • Report the debt to credit reporting agencies

    Division of Child Support Enforcement

    Eastern Virginia District Office
    420 North Center Drive
    Building 11, Suite 200
    Norfolk, Virginia 23502

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