​Community Corrections and Pretrial conducts interviews and investigations on incarcerated adult defendants scheduled to appear in arraignment court. The information from this investigation ultimately provides assistance to the Courts in making release decisions. 

Adult defendants and offenders are supervised in the community on pretrial or probation supervision. Pretrial supervision is pre-adjudication of a criminal charge and Community Corrections Probation is post-disposition of a criminal charge.

Community Corrections​

  • Supervision for all court-ordered requirements to court-referred, non-violent misdemeanor and felony clients.
  • Placement and monitoring of community service work.
  • Random drug and alcohol tests.
  • Compliance monitoring.

Pretrial Services​

  • Investigates and interviews clients arrested on state and local warrants and detained in jails awaiting bail hearings​.
  • Random drug and alcohol tests.
  • May seek capiases (a writ ordering the arrest of a named person) or order of show cause.
  • Monitors treatment compliance​​.

Community Corrections and Pre-trial can be reached at (757) 385-4689​.

Community Criminal Justice Board

Information about the CCJB can be found on its webpage.